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"Infection prevention and control teams and
domestic services have now seen that the robot
can not only protect patients, it can also protect
their staff and all healthcare workers."

Hub News, UK

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“We are very excited about this new partnership,” said Jeff Tatro, director of sales and marketing at Uchimura Robotics. “With the importance of disinfecting environments now and ongoing, we are eager to bring this advanced robotic technology to our customers.”

— Jeff Tatro, Director of Sales

News by Epoch Times, Taiwan

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讓新冠肺炎病毒見光死 醫院引進紫外線消毒機器人

【記者賴瑞 /台中報導】來自中國的新冠肺炎來勢洶洶,病毒感染規模可能為SARS的20倍,各大醫院收治了各類虛弱和抵抗力差的病人,院內的感染管制當然更形重要,童綜合醫院從2019年起與友信醫療集團合作,運用從丹麥引進全球唯一的「北歐立淨超紫C光智駕殺菌機器人」進行臨床實測。經由人機協作規畫路徑的「自主式移動消毒計畫」滅菌,可達到99.99%的消毒成效,同步保護就醫民眾和第一線的醫療人員。


News by Engineering News, South Africa

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The Coronavirus pandemic will forever change the way we do things.  The future for those returning to work will look very different to before, with emphasis on distancing, sanitization and disinfection.  There is now a momentous obligation on the part of employers to provide a safe, decontaminated environment for their employees.